The Boy Who Hit Back
SKU: 9781631610523

"I may look like a normal kid, but on the inside I'm busted glass." Matthew is fighting, stealing, and skipping school. This once popular high school kid is screwing up big time, and his perfect world is quickly unraveling. After his parents divorced and his brother and father went missing, he needed an outlet for his rage. Matthew escapes to the seductive streets of Greenwich Village, where he is fascinated by Sailor Barlow, a mysterious panhandler.
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A Clenched Fist
SKU: 9780978968304

In this raw yet uplifting memoir about amateur boxing, author Peter Wood tells of his begrudging return to a world he thought he'd left behind. He steps back into the mud of boxing, coaching two troubled teens who dream—as he once did—of becoming Golden Gloves champions.
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Confessions of a Fighter
SKU: 9780978968311

Confessions of a Fighter is Peter's riveting autobiography of his journey from underdog to hero. In this poignant psychological drama, the author finally ascends—after five grueling, heart stopping qualifying bouts—to the finals of the New York Golden Gloves Championships.
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To Swallow a Toad
SKU: 9781556110191

Driven to fight with an animalistic intensity by a gnawing sense of worthlessness aggravated by an uneasy family life, eighteen-year-old Pete Watt quickly develops a reputation in the world of amateur boxing.
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